SeaRing is a 2D indie action-puzzle, submerging players in a world rich in story and adventure. It's filled with humorous and witty characters, a backdrop of astonishing artwork, and over 10 unique songs to accompany you on your journey. Join the Princess of the Sea as she embarks on this fantastically nostalgic quest to recover her mother's lost crown, become queen, and restore peace in a world ruled by fire; where the sun no longer sets.


Only a queen can bring back stability in this world engulfed by flames. Take on the princess's quest, traverse the desert and recover her recently-passed mother's crown, as she paves her own path towards her destiny - becoming the rightful heir to the throne and guiding the Water Kingdom and its surroundings back to their days of glory.

The twist? You will have no harpoons, tridents, or turtle shells of any colour. You must solely rely on the Sea Ring. The Sea Ring... is a ring... of the sea, and yes, it's the title of our game! Passed on by generations, you can summon its defensive capabilities to briefly protect you from imminent danger. The best form of attack is to defend, and we push this famous sports philosophy to its limit!

You will embark on a journey through luscious landscapes, propelled by a soothing and adventurous soundtrack, as you prepare to vanquish those who stand in your way, starting with the sadistic Saladino, king of the bandits and commander of his seven deadly servants. Encounter challenging puzzles and puzzling challenges, interact with over 50 (sometimes questionable) NPCs and explore 100s of unique dialogue lines, as you dive deeper into enemy territory. How much you rely on them is up to you - they may help you, share insightful recollections as you study the game's lore, or cause a slight distraction through hilarity as they derail you from your mission.

Will the princess conquer her foolish foes and bring the crown back to its rightful owner or will she succumb to the pressure and leave her hopes and dreams to dissipate along with the rest of the desert?


Wolfrad (Game, Story, and Character Designer):
The infamous swamp dog, it somewhat started drawing comics and games. Loves to grab animals and fantasy rpgs.

Twitter: @wolfrad_senpai
Meke Meke (Art and Character Designer):
Insomniac ☾ Ghost/Fire ☼ type artist.
After days thinking about how to describe myself, I realized the only thing I know is that I love pizza, just let me create please

Jessica Luna (Art Designer):
A cow who was born a human by mistake. Decided to become an artist because grass didn't taste good at all.

Instagram: @_eatslugs
Simone Chelo (Lead Programmer):
App developer by day, game developer also by day, cause I need sleep. Italian, lives in Denmark.

Twitter: @serious_dev
Instagram: @completlyseriousstuff
Jacopo Zuliani (Programmer):
Part-time applied game dev, part-time teacher, full time hungry.

Instagram: @plumesoftgames
Marko Poskurica (Composer, Localization Lead):
Do not ask me to play your favourite music. Ask me to compose it instead.